Tasked with creating an air and water sampling to complement our Real-time Indoor Air Quality Monitoring program, 9F scientists saw an opportunity to innovate on typical IAQ assessments so, we started with a blank slate and our team of the world’s leading certified industrial hygienists (CIH), health scientists, and biostatisticians re-imagined what a best-in-class assessment would and should look like and developed PAWS – Proactive Air and Water Sampling.

CAIH Board for Global EHS Credentialing

On-site Experts

9F CIHs and health scientists lead annual indoor environmental sampling at participating client buildings. 9F CIHs include field experience from top organizations, including:

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U.S. Air Force
Harvard University

What is PAWS

Real-time IAQ Monitoring is an effective way to ‘keep the pulse’ of your building. PAWS takes analysis a step farther, to better understand what specific compounds may be present in your building.

9F collects 8-hour measurements of several chemicals that may be typically found in indoor office environments every year. Sources of these chemicals include outdoor air ventilation and/or infiltration, off-gassing from building materials and office equipment, combustion byproducts, vapor intrusion, and cleaning products.

Can you call a building healthy if you don’t know what’s in the water? Water sampling expands your insight into your building.

9F sampled water at representative locations throughout the building to confirm that local and building distribution systems and equipment are functioning as expected (e.g., no problematic contamination, biofilm disturbances, treatment failures, spills, or pipe breaks are present) and that building plumbing does not support the growth of potentially harmful microorganisms. Parameters included disinfection residuals, disinfectant bioproducts, organic parameters, and inorganic parameters.

Is your building owner measuring these parameters? If not, why not?

Tailored Insights

Existing air and water sampling protocols typically compare results to occupational exposure limits – either they are above or below. But that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Zooming In

9F utilizes specialized analytical methods and visualizations to quickly communicate building performance across hundreds of air and water parameters and uses an advanced statistical method to verify the analyses and helps us know we can ‘trust’ the results.

Nitrogen Dioxide Bayesian Decision Analysis

Strategic Air and Water Sampling is part of the Healthy Buildings Optimization Program

9F’s Healthy Buildings Optimization Program centers on verifying best-in-class indoor environmental quality. An annual check-up with your doctor is common practice. Shouldn’t buildings be proactive about their health too?