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In addition to our comprehensive Healthy Buildings Optimization Program and suite of tools, 9 Foundations also offers a full range of specialized healthy buildings services. From playbooks for navigating infectious disease outbreaks to help meet your ESG objectives, our experts are here to provide custom support for your most critical projects and initiatives.

Worker Health and Safety

  • Crisis response / “sick building” forensic investigations
  • Environmental health and safety consulting / industrial hygiene
  • Compliance / audits
  • Expert legal work
  • Training

Sustainability / Climate / Energy

  • Energy optimization
  • Climate co-benefits analysis
  • ESG


  • R&D support
  • Product development
  • Technology evaluations
  • Due diligence

Infectious Disease Resilience

  • Infectious disease playbooks / COVID-19

Workplace User Experience

  • Frameworks
  • Research
  • Return-to-office

Advanced Analytics

  • Air quality modeling
  • ML / AI
  • Research support
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Armstrong World Industries

Together, 9F and Armstrong World Industries bring ceilings into the healthy buildings conversation.

9F identified an opportunity to shift Armstrong’s air cleaner strategy to include particles in addition to biologicals, leveraging their product to be effective at both risk mitigation from disease AND from air pollution. Armstrong released “StrataCleanIQ” 9 months later – the first supplemental air cleaner to be used in the ceiling. 9F advised on health optimization of StrataCleanIQ through noise and placement considerations.

9F Science-based Tools and Services