9F H.E.A.A.L.

Most existing platforms for visualizing real-time IAQ sensor data fail to summarize data in a way that supports timely response or decision-making. By contrast, 9F’s H.E.A.A.L. includes visualization and analytics modules that break down IAQ sensor data in ways that make it simple to quickly see whether buildings are optimizing human health and environmental performance at a sensor, room, floor, building, or portfolio level.

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For the past two years, 9F has partnered with Amazon to develop a best-in-class Indoor Air Quality program.

The program includes deployment of air quality sensors across Amazon’s global corporate portfolio and ongoing data analytics through our patent-pending H.E.A.A.L. IAQ System.

The Science Behind H.E.A.A.L.

The H.E.A.A.L. Ecosystem solves previously unsolved problems.

9F’s H.E.A.A.L. includes a series of visualization and analytics modules that turn IAQ sensor data in into actionable insights at a sensor, room, floor, building, or portfolio level.

9F H.E.A.A.L.
  • AI/ML
  • Averaging Times
  • Building-attributable TVOC
  • Building Insights
  • Building Score
  • Dashboard Integrations
  • Data Quality Check
  • Floor Insights
  • Health Energy Optimization
  • IAQ Building Dot Plot
  • IAQ, Noise, and Thermal Thresholds
  • Issue Response Tool
  • Noise Analytics
  • Portfolio Insights
  • Room Insights
  • Sensor Density Tool
  • SpaceTime Map
  • Time Series
  • Wildfire Response

H.E.A.A.L. in Action

9F H.E.A.A.L. scores and visualizations are provided to clients in building or portfolio insights reports. Development of public score display screens and integration into real-time IAQ sensor dashboards is currently underway.