9F H.E.A.A.L.

Most existing platforms for visualizing real-time IAQ sensor data fail to summarize data in a way that supports timely response or decision-making. By contrast, 9F’s H.E.A.A.L. includes visualization and analytics modules that break down IAQ sensor data in ways that make it simple to quickly see whether buildings are optimizing human health and environmental performance at a sensor, room, floor, building, or portfolio level.

9F H.E.A.A.L.
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For the past two years, 9F has partnered with Amazon to develop a best-in-class Indoor Air Quality program.

The program includes deployment of air quality sensors across Amazon’s global corporate portfolio and ongoing data analytics through our patented H.E.A.A.L. IAQ System.

This program and H.E.A.A.L. were featured in Harvard Business Review.

The Science Behind H.E.A.A.L.

The H.E.A.A.L. Ecosystem solves previously unsolved problems.

9F’s H.E.A.A.L. includes a series of visualization and analytics modules that turn IAQ sensor data in into actionable insights at a sensor, room, floor, building, or portfolio level.

9F H.E.A.A.L.
  • AI/ML
  • Averaging Times
  • Building-attributable TVOC
  • Building Insights
  • Building Score
  • Dashboard Integrations
  • Data Quality Check
  • Floor Insights
  • Health Energy Optimization
  • IAQ Building Dot Plot
  • IAQ, Noise, and Thermal Thresholds
  • Issue Response Tool
  • Noise Analytics
  • Portfolio Insights
  • Room Insights
  • Sensor Density Tool
  • SpaceTime Map
  • Time Series
  • Wildfire Response

H.E.A.A.L. in Action

9F H.E.A.A.L. scores and visualizations are provided to clients in building or portfolio insights reports. Development of public score display screens and integration into real-time IAQ sensor dashboards is currently underway.